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00: Master Fic List

Master List
Revamped for better organisation! indicates a bonus drabble/ficlet


The Social Network RPF

vomit, maybe - R
AU in which Ellen Page steals hearts because she hasn't got one of her own. Everybody always likes to confuse Jesse and Michael Cera but they're actually nothing alike. Michael's a sweet guy who tries his best to be nice and mostly succeeds. Jesse, on the other hand, is a cheap fuck.

The Social Network

In Which Eduardo is Merlin - PG-13
Drabble/Ficlet for yay_box. And even though Mark had rules about not telling each other what lay ahead, he had told Eduardo this: when things get bad, wait for the day you wake up in Harvard.

Never Give All The Heart - PG-13
AU in which Eduardo is Spiderman and Mark is Iron Man. "You know who I am, what's the point?" Eduardo snaps. "You sent me a Facebook message saying 'Wardo are you Spiderman' and didn't even bother to pick up the phone the fifty times I tried to call you back."

Johnny's Entertainment

Nino's Delivery Service - PG
AU. Nino and Jun run a dream delivery service. Here are some snapshots. Written for for gomushroom for the 2014 ninoexchange, posted here.

From the Case Files - PG
AU. Political powerhouse Kuroki Meisa may just have encountered the biggest obstacle in her prime ministerial campaign. Tempest Consultants, Matsumoto Jun's team of fixers, is there to help. This is their case file. Written for hurstville for the 2013 je_otherworlds challenge, originally posted here.

Now + From the Inbox of Ninomiya Kazunari, Senior Associate - PG
AU. In which Nino, Associate at Sakamoto and Partners, gets a promotion. Some mysteries from the first fic are solved (e.g. where did Aiba go?).

we'll build our altar here - R
AU. Someone in the family is a police mole, Watanabe says. That's why the deal went sour. They've lost a shipment and a ton of money and now it's Nino's job to find the bastard.

Little Mister Sunshine (11 Episodes and 2 SPs) - G for Gratuitous
¿Everyone has a dream? Opening titles narrated by Ken Watanabe. Nino, Ohno, Aiba, Jun and Sho are nowhere near successful. This is the story of their lives together. TV Asahi, 0255-0325 every Wednesday. Collab wtih g_esquared

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time AU - PG
Nino/Naka Riisa. The first time Riisa managed a successful time leap on purpose, it was to go back to the five minutes before Nino ate her curry bread. (WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE 2006 ANIMATED MOVIE)

sleep like small stars fly back home - R
Alien-hunting, time-travelling samurai AU. No, really. Written for hwlinyitw, for the fandom fundraiser to help Japan on arashi_on.

Code Rainbow - PG
Hospital AU. Scenes from the life of Matsumoto Jun. Written for alexiela, for the fandom fundraiser to help Japan on arashi_on.

devilry, despair, and donuts (collab with calerine and g_esquared) - PG
The Villain Nino has a black heart, and his arch-nemesis Sho just cannot stop failing. Written for je_devilorangel.

Sho's Very Excellent Adventure - PG
Japanese folklore AU. In which Sho is tricked into going on an epic journey and his life is hard. Written for jackie during the je_otherworlds fic exchange; originally posted here.

Heart Food - G
AU. The way to Jun's heart is through his stomach. Written for r_1_ss_a, for the fandom fundraiser to help Japan on arashi_on.

The Wonder Years (House Mix) - PG
“If we’re moving in together we’re going to do this properly." Remix of oviparous's Annually and Mediocrity from The Wonder Years for jentfic_remix cycle 6.

Not a Shounen Manga - G
Nino only joined the table tennis club because the sport took place indoors and didn’t require any body contact. High school table tennis club AU. Written for lianne29, for the fandom fundraiser to help Japan on arashi_on.

Harbor - PG-13
Ohno takes her hand, still wishing desperately for something to stir in his memory, some faint sign to explain in some part the way Becky looks at him, all yearning and warmth. Written for phrenk for the je_whiteday exchange. Originally posted here.

Under the Bridge - G
Nino finds that turning thirty is harder than expected. Written for the shoneenclub October contest.

Love Type Thing - G
Sho/Ishihara Satomi. 9 drabbles; AU. Sho likes many things. (Some more than others.)

Interesting Times - G
Superpowers. Jun is the first to find that something is wrong.

When They're Not Together - G
Hollywood calls again. Nino answers. For darong's birthday. Contains bonus Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Steering Mechanism - PG
(a) to (k). Nino tries to work it out. Written for the shoneenclub June contest.

It's Not All Good in the Hood - PG
In which Nino is a hip hop star and Sho steals the show. Written for the shoneenclub June contest.

The Subtle Courtship of Sakurai Sho By One Ninomiya Kazunari - Sho/Nino; PG-13
In which Sho and Inoue Mao star in a drama together, and Nino is crafty. Written for the shoneenclub March Contest.

Getting Along (House on Fire remix) - Nino/Jun, Ohno/Nino, Sho/Ohno; PG-13
Sho sees it before anyone else does, he thinks; maybe even before Nino himself realises that he can't take his eyes off Jun. Remix of mrsatterthwaite's Mindfucking for jentfic_remix

Triptych - Ohno/Sho, Sho/Nino, Sho/Ohno/Nino; NC-17
Nino knows that one pillow is for Sho and the other for Ohno, that they are three men sharing a bed that is far too small for the weight of this arrangement.

Your Home Is Your Castle! - Arashi; G.
Ohno really wants to build a house. So he does. For the picfor1000 challenge.

Warkworth, NZ in Winter - Arashi; G.
AU. Nino visits his cousin in New Zealand.

Multi-part Fic
Urban Fantasy AU
Storm Children - G
Urban fantasy AU. Magic is scarce in this city. It can be found rising from trodden clusters of cigarette butts, or in the gleam of a cat’s eyes in the darkness. Some days Nino has to scrape it off the soles of his mismatched boots, where it’s been caught with the mud and dirt found in pavements and puddles; other days, like this one, he finds it by accident.

(a town) - G
Urban fantasy AU. A short interlude after Storm Children. This is the town Matsumoto inherits.

a girl - PG
Urban fantasy AU. Overlaps with Storm Children. Nino is the sort of person who is easy to fall in love with, but difficult to love. Written for sinonymity, requested as a gift by tinyangl during the fandom fundraiser on arashi_on.

a king - PG
Urban fantasy AU. Overlaps with Storm Children. When Matsumoto hesitates just a few seconds longer over the last of the Rats, Koyuki snatches his knife from his hand and finishes the job for him. Overgrown drabble written for sinonymity for Christmas 2011.

Inception AU
Setting Sail - G
AU/Inception crossover. This must be what it is like to dream freely.

The First League Out From Land - G
AU/Inception crossover. Ohno doesn’t come out of hiding because Nino asks him to. It’s not as simple as that.

Untitled Office AU
Untitled Office AU - Jun/Nino; PG.
The first time Jun met Ninomiya, he was using the eighth-floor Risograph to print two hundred and seventy-six copies of a very officious-looking DANGER sign.

I Like You, But I Don’t Think It’s Working Out - Jun/Nino; PG.
This conversation could not have been happening. Written for ludingji, for the fandom fundraiser to help Japan on arashi_on.

Cyberpunk AU
Electric Sheep (And Other Dreamscapes) - PG-13
Fic/Art collaboration with widowmangada. Cyberpunk AU. Jun glanced at Nino's reflection in the glass, and wondered how an expression of such enthrallment could be a mere product of sparks and wires.

Scurry - PG
Companion fic to Electric Sheep (And Other Dreamscapes). He wakes up from a dream in which he is flying.

Conservatory AU
Music is communism, but you're playing democracy - Gen; G
Conservatory!AU. "It is one of the great mysteries, actually," said Jun, "what Aiba does in the time when he's supposed to be practising. I mean, when it comes to Nino, we all know he's either trying to level up on the latest version of Biohazard, or stealing milk buns from Ohno instead of working on those Bruch pieces, but Aiba. Nobody knows."

epilogue - Gen; G
Conservatory!AU. This happens in the span of one night. Follows Music is communism, but you're playing democracy.

Zombie Movie AU
Zombies VS Arashi - Arashi; G.
Five Drabbles. Preparing for your role in Japan’s latest zombie blockbuster!

Scenes From The Life Of A Zombie Hunter - Arashi; G.
Coming soon: Japan’s latest zombie blockbuster!

Rowing Club AU
To Be Found Next Summer on a Riverbank - Ohno/Nino; PG-13.
AU. The first day of summer training started without Toma. In which they form a rowing club, and Nino meets Ohno.

Polder - Ohno/Nino; PG-13.
Rowing Club AU. A ficlet set after To Be Found Next Summer on a Riverbank. "It's called suffering for your art," Sho had joked.

Toma's Bizarre Okinawan Holiday - Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun BFFery; G.
Rowing Club AU. A companion ficlet to To Be Found Next Summer on a Riverbank. Shun was not a real Okinawan because his family originally came from Kodaira.


Untitled Aiba/Jun for g_esquared

Untitled Sakuraiba snippet for Sho's birthday~

Cloud Factories for calerine. Bizarre and steampunky.

A Truman Show-esque Arashi for pebblegosling.

Ohno and Sho friendship fic for nicefinalbeam.

Tag for 2010 Christmas drabble requests

Music Writing Meme thing. Ohno + Ellen Page. No, I don't understand myself either.

tomato triple-drabble Nishikido Ryo and tomatoes and Ohno.

My Girl/My Home A 200-word response to Kanjani8's My Home PV.

unfinished fics! conservatory AU, random spy AU, transformers+steampunk, Jin+Code Blue

Tag for 2011 Christmas drabble requests

Ooku AU for hwlinyitw

Arashi get ahold of the TARDIS for calerine

Tag for 2012 Christmas drabble requests

The Most Popular Sho In School for g_esquared

Matsumiya Cops! for lianne29 + More Jun and Nino as Detectives!

Untitled Ice Hockey AU
Faily sports AU. In which Nino plays ice hockey even though he is too small, gets angry a lot. In which Ohno is a figure skater. Inspired by: the Shiyagare episode with Arakawa Shizuka, and Nino's face.

if this is your first night at fight club - R
Fight Club AU. People are always asking Shige if he knows Nishikido Ryo.


Uta no Onii-san
n things that never happened to Yano Kenta - Uta no Onii-san, Arashi; G.
They blame it on the happoshu, later on.

Generation Kill

real human being (and a real hero) - Brad/Nate; PG
Drive (2011) AU. "Need a lift?" It's 405, standing over Brad with a paper bag in his arm. With the sun on his face and a smile like that, he doesn't look old enough to drive. In which Nate is the Driver, Brad is Carey Mulligan, and Ray tries his best to refrain from saying Hey, Girl.

The One Where Ray Person Time Travels - Ray, Brad - Gen; R for language
Sort-of crossover with this. It was like having asthma, excluding the nudity, brushes with the law, and being chased by angry grandmothers with sticks for being an exhibitionist pervert. So maybe it wasn't like having asthma at all.

Ansible, ansible - Brad/Nate; R
Space travel/time dilation AU. He is a warrior, but this is not a war. It's a voyage with no visible end; the eight of them envoys from a home that no longer remembers them.

All Exits Look The Same - Brad/Nate; G
AU. He lies there, surrounded by faded paisley wallpaper and the sounds of an occasional truck going by, and doesn't sleep. Prompt: "Nate runs a bookstore that sells coffee. Brad runs the hardcore motorcycle store diagonally opposite the street."

Generation Kill RPF

A Little Madness In The Spring - PJ Ransone, ASkars, Stark Sands, Paul Bettany; PG-13
Here there be zombies. After the apocalypse, people try to survive. Part of the plague_project universe.

Harry Potter

50 Sentences About Sirius Black and John Constantine - John Constantine/Sirius Black; PG-13.
Hellblazer crossover. When Sirius falls through the veil he expects to fall straight to hell;

The Nineteenth Autumn - Remus/Sirius; PG-13.
What might have happened between August 1979 and November 1980. AU, if you squint.

The Centre Is In Standing - Remus/Sirius; PG.
Harry leaves home to hunt dragons; they stay in England and reclaim each other.

Second Times - Draco Malfoy, Rusty Ryan; G.
Ocean's 11 crossover. Rusty has seen this man before, but where and when is another matter.

In Which Sirius Is A Girl - Girl!Sirius/Remus; PG-13.
Genderswitch~ forochel requested "Girl!Sirius", and I asked "all-the-time-Girl!Sirius, or suddenly-a-Girl!Sirius", and she said "you choose!" so I picked both.

They Lived Backwards - Sirius/Remus; G.
AU. Written as a response to this prompt on imochan's R/S Love Post.

The Chronicles of Narnia RPF

Seven Facts for William Moseley - Moseley/Keynes, initial Barnes/Moseley; PG-13.
“And furthermore,” Ben continues, after a pause, “You’re utterly in love with Skandar.”

wherein symbolism is derived from the most innocuous of items (or: Shirts) - Moseley/Keynes; PG-13.
"You're insane." "No," says Ben fervently, "I'm just maddeningly astute." - futurefic

The Chronicles of Narnia

Two - Gen: Edmund, Peter, Oreius, Phillip; PG-13.
-- Tell me about the stars, Peter will reply, for if he cannot sleep he might as well spend his lost hours fruitfully.

Something After - Gen: Peter, Oreius; PG-13.
-- Like all kings, his only wish was to keep his people safe.

In Greece - Edmund/Bacchus; PG.
He thinks he sees a young man move through a doorway with a wildness that makes the heart ache, but when he catches his eye he finds no recognition.

Ookiku Furikabutte

And From This Gutter We're Still Staring At The Stars - Abe/Mihashi; PG.
Ten Drabbles. It is then that Abe regrets his bold promise not to get injured for three years, to catch all of Mihashi's pitches. - set in the future


Three Things That Never Happened To Johnny Depp - Gen: Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow; PG-13.
This time, Johnny knows his name.


The Woman Who Could Not Live With Her Faulty Hear - Mal/Cobb; G.
"What was he like?" Ariadne asks. "He was lovely," says Arthur after a pause. AU. In which Mal and Cobb's positions are reversed.


Other Fanworks


The Hour (BBC)
turn your light on me
Bel, Freddie, Camille Mix; 11 tracks

Harry Potter
Let Me Listen Under Your Eaves
Remus/Sirius Mix; 15 tracks

Kanjincho Revisited (a Shadow Magic fanmix)
Shadow Magic Mix; 16 tracks


Inception/D no Arashi ; Arashi + Lonely Island
Very silly mashup videos.

Ao no Honoo fanvid

Other JE
Yamapi is Like a Boss
Clips from Code Blue. ;__;

AU - your mind is the scene of the crime; Sherlock (BBC) - Inception crossover
A labour of love.

Bed Intruder Sherlock
...I have no excuse for this

The Hour (BBC)
We Are Young
Bel, Freddie and Hector are gorgeous and that is reason enough for this video.
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